Welcome to Alumni


Every alumni event is much more than just a friendly meet. It has the potential to bring in great rewards for the institution. ALIET provides a platform for the alumni, to share their academic and professional experiences, exchange their views on recent developments in science and technology, develop new ideas together and expand their networks of relationships.


1.                                               Aims and Objectives: Solidarity and Service

The aims and objectives have been derived for the Old students Association of ALIET, Vijayawada which effectively started functioning from 2016.

v Unity:

a.  Between the former students and their alma mater.

b.  Among the former students themselves.

c.  Between the former students and the present students.

d.  Between the former students and the society in which they live.


v Integrity:

The Objective of ALECAA is ‘Men and Women for Others’ i.e., persons who live not for themselves alone but for others also especially those who are in need. This calls for three vital aspects:


a.      A basic attitude of respect for all men and women, which forbids us to use others as instruments for our own profit.

b.      A firm determination to draw no profit whatever from clearly unjust sources or through unfair means.

c.       To work with others towards the dismantling of unjust social structures so that the weak, the oppressed, and the marginalized in the world may be set free.




Therefore, we Endeavour:


1.                 To bring all the former students of Andhra Loyola institute of Engineering And Technology (ALIET), Vijayawada under one forum for exchange of experience, dissemination of knowledge and talents among its members, furtherance of fellowship, and advancement of scientific knowledge in general of the members of the ALECAA and our Country.


1.                 To conduct seminars, conferences, workshops, endowment lectures, and other academic activities and also to keep in touch with one another of the ALIET faculty, non-teaching staff, and students.

2.                 To create and establish Alumni Endowments for granting scholarships, prizes, and medals to students showing high proficiency in their studies and honour former students of ALIET.

3.                 To advise and interact with State and Central Government Bodies, Universities, and other academic institutions on matters relating to promotion of higher education, training and management systems and thereby promote the welfare and status of ALIET.

4.                 Collect funds by subscriptions, contributions, donations, and gifts from members, non-members, governments, universities, other institutions and philanthropists for furtherance of the above-mentioned objectives.

5.                   To render financial aid to deserving alumni in cases of extreme compassionate circumstances.

6.                   To bring out magazines, souvenirs, and newsletters highlighting the activities of the Alumni.

7.                   To organize cultural and educational programmers and to conduct Alumni Day Celebrations every year.

8.                   To help the Alumni to get advice from ALIET on various technical problems and job opportunities that they may come across in their work and real life.

9.                   To establish and run institutions to impart training for professional and vocational excellence.

10.               To undertake projects aiming at uplifting the social conditions of the disadvantaged and under-privileged sections of the society. These include result-oriented projects  in the areas of education, medical aid, etc.

11.               To provide, promote, and support educational, cultural, social, literary, medical, and such other extra-curricular facilities to those connected to ALIET and its students.

12.               To provide for the promotion of literature, science, fine arts, or for the diffusion of useful knowledge,


13.                 To conduct and encourage game and sports to those connected to ALIET and its Students.

Members of the Executive Committee of Alumni Association







Dr. O. Mahesh





A. Azeem





T. Subba Reddy


General Secretary



Mrs. B. Santhi Kiran





B. Chaitanya


Joint Secretary



T. Sai Ram


EC Member



Rev. Fr. P. Bala Showry SJ


EC Member



Rev. Fr. Dr. A. Francis Xavier, SJ


EC Member



Rev. Fr. J. Chiranjeevi, SJ


EC Member



v Kundurt. Sai Chand, (2010-2014 Batch) Operations Manager, AM Enterprises Pvt Ltd, Sydney , Australia

v Golla. Sai Krishna, (2010-2014 Batch) Specialist Trainee  Hindustan Machine Tools Ltd, Bangaluru , India

v Chaishma Perikala, (2012-2016) Software automation Engineer, GoGuardian Inc,Boston, USA.

v K. Raghu Ram (2010-2014) Site Engineer, ASAMA Cold Water Manufacturing Ltd, Michigan, USA











Alumni Speaks....



     T. Subba Reddy (2010-2014 Batch)

     Assistant Professor

  Dept. of Mechanical Engineering






“I belong to the first batch of this college and am proud to work as a Faculty in this college. Presently, I am pursuing my Ph.D from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi, Karnataka. Whatever I am...is just because of Loyola... This is the place where I am moulded as person with discipline and moral values.  My faculty members are my inspiration.  I am thrilled to see my college growing towards advanced Technology...like the support that college provides to the students is undeniable. As a student, my life at Loyola was memorable and as a faculty, my life at Loyola is meaningful.Thank you Loyola...  ”






   Kundurti Sai Chand, (2010-2014 Batch)

 Operations Manager, AM Enterprises Pvt Ltd, Sydney, Australia.


“Hello Friends! I am fortunate to study my B. Tech in this historic college.... Andhra Loyola Institute of Engineering and Technology imparts the value of time and the value of life to the students. My teachers and the management helped me learn punctuality and time management. The days I spent at ALIET laid foundation for the purpose of my life. I extend my gratitude to all of my teachers for making me realize my potentiality to do the best in life...I ever remain grateful to my Loyola...”






R. Suneetha (2011-2015 Batch)

Assistant Executive Engineer

Irrigation Dept of AP



“Andhra Loyola is a safe home for the girl students where we can experience gender equality. My parents’ first choice was this college because....the standards that Loyola maintains are un-surpassing. As a girl, I never experienced ragging on the campus. This is where Andhra Loyola made its mark... Even today, I feel like going back to my B. Tech at Loyola...”








 B. Sree Chaitanya (2011-2015 MECH)

                                                          Asst. Professor of Mechanical Engineering


“Andhra Loyola is a brand ...to be a part of this great institute makes me raise my head high...My days in the college were the most cherished and unforgettable. My teachers motivated me inculcate positive personality traits like politeness, humble living and generosity for the poor and needy. The dedication and the commitment of our beloved Fathers taught me the joy of serving the society.  Their passion towards creating better professional to serve the Nation was the best thing I like about ALIET.”









T.V.M. Sai Ram


Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Assistant Professor – ALIET (Department of IT)

Pursuing Ph.D from VIT- Chennai

  Data Scientist from John Hopkins’s University


“Four years of my graduation in Loyola made me learn lot of things. More than education, I learned the value of humanity and purpose of education filled with value system. This helped me to grow as a person and I am very much glad to be the part of ALIET even after my education as Assistant Professor. The knowledge I gained from my faculty made to become a Faculty in my own college was a proud moment for me. I thank the management for giving me two chances for life; as a student and as a Faculty. Currently, I am pursuing my PhD in Machine learning which an advanced technology is. Sincerely, I am thankful to the management for encouraging me to bring out a book on “Network Modelling Simulation Analysis in MAT Lab”- Wiley publications, UK.”





Abdul. Azeem (2010-2013 Batch)

Asst. Professor

Dept. Of  ECE

“I completed my graduation in year of 2013. During my period of study, I learned a lot from college like discipline, punctuality & hard work, which helped me to achieve success in life. The brainwave from faculty and code of ethics of ALIET really helped me in my life. I learned how to update myself with continues thirst for knowledge from my teachers. After successful graduation from ALIET in year 2013, I pursued my post-graduation and decided my career to be a faculty. At present, I have been working as a faculty in this institute for 3 years. I really thank management for their constant support and guidance. Today I am proud to say I am a successful product of ALIET and always strive for its development.  

Link to the video testimonials:

1.    https://youtu.be/FJVqPRXPYc8


2.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=He6HQzdtNko


3.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0vwCryjTU4&feature=youtu.be