Department of Mechanical Engineering


About the Department

        The Department of Mechanical Engineering has come into existence in the year 2010 with an intake of 60 and it is extended to 120 from 2013. Since inception of the college six batches have passed out. The Department has 23 dedicated staff members (Teaching 20, Non Teaching 3), FOUR faculty members with Ph.D., SIX faculty members are pursuing Ph.D.’s, and the rest of faculty members are with PG Qualifications. The Mechanical Engineering program has been certified by the ISO. Our Mechanical Engineering department blends the principles of physics, engineering, and mathematics with creativity to strengthen our students’ conceptual understanding and help them become innovators in the field. Our faculty and staff team are highly experienced and themselves have earned reputation for their work as educators, researchers, and administrators in the discipline. With their help, our students can build a career in industries such as automobile, power plants, aerospace, petroleum, and others. We are dedicated to enabling our students such that they contribute to Society and Industry.

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